︎Atte Elias Kantonen (b. 1992) is a Helsinki, Finland -based sound designer, sonic artist and composer working mostly in the fields of experimental music and contemporary performing arts. The aim of Kantonen’s sounding discipline is to sculpt sound into delicate forms that are constantly affected by a kind of mutant nature encompassing a variety of tones – ranging from glassy to organismic, earthly to ethereal. Kantonen’s composing process consists of creating sonic events that play with the idea of form, space and time as having incessant elasticity. When it comes to designing sound for a performance, Kantonen incorporates spatial and electro-mechanical layers to his designs, ranging from unconventional speaker arrangements to sounding kinetic sculptures. Kantonen has a conceptual side project “ant spa ·)((“, which currently consists of a monthly experimental music radio show on IDA radio and experimental music and sound performance event edition “bugbath”. His work has been supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Music Foundation Finland and for the year 2024 by the Kone foundation.

“Kantonen's compositions are like fluid architecture - full of satisfying, gravity-defying curves and unexpected turns - and still somehow still in possession of a warm, glowing heart, expressing a world of emotion thru gloopy sonic textures.”Boomkat.com on “POP 6 SUSURRUS”, released on record label mappa
“[Kantonen] successfully highlights how capable he is at making synthetic, resonating scratches and blips that remind of stretching metal strings, splintering glass, fracturing ice or insects burrowing into your skull.
Boomkat.com on “Frankille”, released on record label ALC
“[Kantonen] incorporates the warm, wet elasticity of the body into his synthesis; not only placing these sounds inside my head, but also by splatting them, damply, against my intimate inner surfaces.”
Jack Chuter, ATTN:Magazine on “Studies in Audio Fabrics”, released on record label Granny Records